About Us

Welcome to the future of intelligent investing.

Investor Systems delivers clients the most advanced investment analysis technologies. We specialise in producing algorithmic trading systems based upon both technical and quantitative factors. All of our systems are rigorously tested to produce robust performance with positive expectancy over a wide range of market conditions. In addition, all strategies utilise sophisticated capital management techniques to minimise portfolio volatility and limit risk.

Our management team has unique experience in the industry including securities valuation, research and reporting, and trading systems testing, design and implementation. Our staff also includes experienced and talented computer programmers with significant financial markets experience.

We have developed our own proprietary testing machine which can analyse the performance of complex trading systems comprising entry and exit factors, risk and position sizing, and portfolio management and drawdown factors. Testing occurs over thousands of random walk portfolio samples to deliver the most robust performance metrics. This allows us to put only the most prospective trading systems in front of our clients. The systems themselves draw on management’s vast and unique experience in the financial markets which spans over two decades.

Investor Systems intends to service a growing market of self-directed investors both nationally and internationally. These investors are increasingly becoming technology savvy and require an alternative approach to traditional buy-and-hold investing based on little more than gut feel, industry research and rhetoric.  We compete with current offerings by delivering superior and robust performance, an intuitive and contemporary user interface, and by aligning our prosperity directly with that of our clients.

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